It has been awhile since I posted here. I was bored and pondering things as usual….

At least once a month I observe someone “breaking up with Facebook”. These break up drama queens or kings rattle off numerous reasons as to why they are ending their relationship with this particular social media entity. The number one reason is “too much drama”. The, “idiots, rude people, political debates (more like arguing) and general ruckus becomes a load of drama too heavy for them to bare. Suddenly with ironic dramatic flair, the post proclaiming their either long hideous or complete break up smashes onto your computer screen, tab or mobile device.

We have all experienced the break up with social media post and are left with many questions. It would be safe to say that for about 75 percent of those witnessing the break up think, “Who fucking cares” and “Why did you feel the need to even make a post stating this? Just leave.” The other 25 percent are more than likely just nosy assholes desperate to know why so they respond with the usual, “What’s wrong?” question. .

Reading those insanely anti-climactic breaks up posts also leave me with questions. I am in the 75 percent but I also always find myself asking, how in the world can someone let social media become such a cesspool of suck ass that you cannot find joy in it anymore? It is Facebook. You can block people, unfollow people, ignore them, tell Facebook you don’t like that post/Ad and even report them. However, the last option kind of makes you a pussy and a douche bag but hey it is an option.

I think the problem those have with Facebook isn’t Facebook, it is them. If a person has drama in the personal life, I would almost guarantee that dramas flows onto all their social media outlets. It isn’t a mark to the evils and downfalls of social media more than the fact they can’t manage their life in a way that doesn’t involve drama. Drama isn’t always avoidable but like most things it isn’t what’s happening it’s how you deal with what’s happening.

I personally love social media. As a slightly anti-social person it is a great way to stay connected with others be it real life friends or strictly social media friends. I also find many of the memes, videos and other post to be hilarious. I get at least three or four genuine good laughs daily from either Facebook or Instagram. Maybe I social media responsibly. Everything I choose to view on these two apps is completely up to me other than the sponsored ads but I can manipulate those somewhat as well. Balance is key. I don’t want to make my page all puppy dogs and butterflies accepting a delusion. I have a few political pages I follow and other interest. Another key factor to finding social media happiness is to question everything you see especially if it is an article of any kind about anything. The responsibilities of using Facebook as a reliable news source is something for another blog post.


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