I read an article today talking about the increasing decline in salary for your median wage earners. So afterwards, I searched around and read more about it. Naturally the 1% – 15%’ers had an increase in salary the highest earning 1% seeing the most. The lower to mid income earners saw a salary decrease of 36%. That is mind blowing but not surprising and far from new “news”. It was a welcome smack to the head reminder that I have yet again falling victim to the sinister derailing tactics of the wonderful media mafia. Damn it, it worked, echoed around inside my brain! Over the last week, the Israel and Gaza conflict captured my gaze and sucked me in completely submerging into the debate and drama of it all. This conflict deserves my attention but I also need to focus on the corruption, greed, inequality and class war that is quietly building in my own country.

Countries fighting civil wars, missing plans, Ebola and the like all pulling the wool over the issues that currently plague the US. The current popular media use all this outside news it to their advantage. There is so much going on around me that it is overwhelming to try to pay attention to all the wrongdoing in the world. Maybe it is easier to focus on something “far away” then closer to home because there is less I can do about it other than bitch. The problem for me is trust and I don’t feel that is much trust to be had from my own government and the media, local or worldwide. It is all so skewed and controlled. The internet is a no go anymore also. Type something into Google and you’re only going to find popular media coverage articles and what Google decides is most relevant for your search.

Balance is key. Beware of what happens across the pond but don’t lose touch with happens across the street. Knowledge on all fronts is necessary because what happens outside of the US is a reflection of what is happening inside it. So much of what happens in Israel, Russian, Ukraine, Africa and more is part of a bigger picture that the US certainly has its little grubby hands in. I hope to become more in tune with the struggles of my own country. Media blackouts are rampant on local issues such as the many protest held for a multitude of reason here in the US. It is time for me to pay better attention and dig a little deeper into my own countries problems. Maybe if others do the same…we can fix ourselves then start to help those in strife in other countries. Who knows…maybe we are all so interconnected the days off healing oneself before healing others is behind us.

Here is the article that sparked today’s musing,

The Typical Household, Now Worth a Third Less


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