Nothing beats passion to motivate me to start a blog post. Sorry I have been so slack but…it is what I do. Sometimes I need a little inspiration, here it is:

I wonder if people really know what it means when they post slogans and images stating, I support Israel”. I see this everywhere. Posting such a statement is meaningless. Blind empty slogans just fan the flame of intolerance and hate. I compare it to other blind slogans such as, “I support the troops”. Both statement are drowning in a pool of vague inconsistency. Do people actually know what they are supporting? Such a statement doesn’t even begin to address the complexity of this war or the many different facets a person could support in this terrible situation. What aspects are you actually supporting? Are they supporting war, killing, their religion all, none? Why aren’t as many people supporting Gaza? I hear many people say that Israel is our allies. Israel wants support for their cause and like all people who want to win will find allies in whoever will help. I am not taking sides. I believe Gaza is no different. If they had more support and forces, they would be doing the same as Israel. Both sides want to be right and they want to win. Both sides are murdered and tortured innocent people in the name of their religious freedom and politics. One country just has more power than the other does. Both countries believe that peace can only come to the victory not from resolution and compromise.

This religious war has been raging for far too long. All war is useless. A war over religion is an atrocity. Religion in the key factor in the numerous meaningless slogans shouting, “I support Israel”. The justification and reasoning behind supporting Israel for many Christians is the belief that Israeli people are Gods chosen people. Let us not dilute the fact that Gaza and the Palestinians are Muslim and so many Christian won’t support them, the “great evil”. The problem is that you cannot value one group of human’s lives over another. The Israeli people are not more deserving of justice or winning that war. Muslims are human just like Christians and all other humans’ of different faiths or lack thereof. All humans involved in the conflict eat, breathe, fear, love, have families and feel their cause is just. I get it though. It makes it so much easier to justify killing and war if you demonize them or downgrade a group of people to a lessor form of human. I will never understand the need to wage war, the need for people to justify war and killing. I cannot comprehend how people can look at another human being group of human to be less then themselves simply because of religious difference. Both sides are wrong and I sincerely wish that someone, some country or some group could step in and find a peaceful solution. How can one convince two countries who seem to be fighting simply because that is what they have been doing for years to compromise to find the humanity in each other? It is an undertaking of astronomical proportions to try to make both country empathize with the other and find the common ground needed to develop tolerance to their differences.

The last statement can be applied to most all human conflict and difference. So many people lack the ability to accept difference without looking down upon it and trying to convert another’s way of thinking to theirs. Humans are capably of wonderful things, of such compassion and goodness. The problem is that humans are also capable of horrible grotesque things based on intolerance and arrogance. I guess I will end this post here. I could go on for every about the human dynamic but then it just starts to go in circles.


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