Movie Review: Only Lovers Left Alive, American Hustle and Robot and Frank

It’s time for some movie reviews. I love movies! Movies and music keep me moving in through all aspects of life. Thought this would be a good addition to my musing. Some of these may be a day late and a dollar short but I am still going to give my two cents worth and maybe introduce someone to something they haven’t heard of.

Only Lovers Left Alive:

Keeping with the spirit of gothic vampires but with a twist, Only Lovers Left Alive is a very refreshing. All the actors in this movie deliver great performance especially Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston who deliver a romantic haunting portrait of what eternity is like. The movie is dark and beautiful with tons of great imagery. I already know what people are going to say about this movie without even looking up other reviews, not enough depth of character. The characters in this movie have lots of beautiful depth. You just had to pay attention to the subtle hints, imagery and surroundings. Those little subtle hints the director/writer gave you to aid in building the layers these characters have. I like a movie where it is not all spelled out for you in black and white through narratives or drawn out dialogue. If you can’t read between the lines you’ll never be able to see all the wonderful shades of gray this movie has to offer. It is a calm cool movie that requires just sitting and observing the simple yet sophisticated scripted that is so visually laid out before you. The music in the movie is awesome. Can’t wait for the soundtrack!


American Hustle:

Love the curly 70’s hair that Bradley Cooper sports as well as the dedication that Christian Bale put into his role. Amy Adams stuns in her numerous plunging necklines. Other than that, the movie just did not entertain me. It seemed a lot longer than it needed to be. Do not get me wrong I like long movies…but only the kind that when it ends you did not realize it was over two hours. This movie dragged on and generally had a week story line. It had several seriously cool moments but those did not fill the gaps for me. The ending was very anticlimactic. I’m not saying it was bad but I’m not saying it was good. It was worth the one time watch but not a movie I will be purchasing or looking to watch again.


Robot and Frank:

This was a cute little film. It had its slow moments but overall enjoyable because the story was new and unique. I was into the characters and loved the connection that built between Frank and his caregiver robot. I love when a writer can make me fall for characters and root for them while giving the story a cute little twist. What else would a retired thief do with an intelligent robot but the obvious or maybe not? Good acting and had many familiar faces like Frank Langella, Susan Sarandon and Liv Tyler . It’s calm quiet and effective little indie movies bring me joy. Check it out!


The Shopping Cart Adventures

The Shopping cart adventures.

While browsing the isles in the grocery store I saw a woman with a small child sitting playing in a buggy making spaceship noises. Oddly, it is not something I see or at least don’t notice children doing much anymore. Children don’t need to entertain themselves using imagination. Now children sit in the buggy plugged into a phone or tab. Watching this child suddenly propelled me back in time, sending thoughts to a place that is full of imagination and wonder. A profound simple and magical memory of being a child danced its way into my mind. I remember as a child enjoying that weekly trip to the grocery store, a place of great adventure and magic, one where I could take a ride onto a spaceship, step into a portal to another universe or simply ride a magical boat set on a special voyage. My imagination could transform the shopping cart into anything and take me on any adventure. The bottom section of the shopping cart was the best place to be. In the bottom of the cart, I felt sheltered from the world. A shadowed place, in the basement of a carriage lay my own little world.

Maybe such childhood moments led to my teenage fascination with hijacking small shopping carts. During a long punk phase of life, some friends and I found it amusing to steal those small shopping carts you can get a pharmacies like CVS . I remember when I first saw one of those cute little shopping carts. I knew it had to be mine. This sparked the super-secret nighttime operations of stalking the pharmacy parking lot until one stray buggy was finally left alone in the dark parking lot, waiting helplessly to become our victim. The first kidnapping was rocky. We took my small Chevy Nova and it was not a quick drive by but an awkward drawn out situation of trying to figure out how to get the shopping cart into the back seat of my car. It would not fit in the trunk. We would not admit defeat. Luckily, in my small southern town there isn’t much threat of being busted in the well-lit and completely abandoned parking lot at 2 am. Most cops are sitting off somewhere together taking shit and avoiding work. Eventually we reigned supreme over our task and took the shopping cart. Over time, we gathered a decent amount of carts that served many varying purposes. I miss the days of the wonderful shopping cart adventures.

The Runaway Club….

Pack a bag and walk out the front door. Do not look back! Begin an adventure where the only things guiding and moving me forward are my feet, will to try something new along with the boring, crazy, scary, happy, dangerous, exciting and sad things that may happen along the way. This is a long running dream/fantasy of mine. Leave everything behind and start a journey that has no ounce of certainty to it. The point is not running away. I know all the troubles and things left behind will be standing firmly in place gleefully waiting for me when I return.  The hope is that upon returning I will have found my path, developed a strong sense of belonging, a little direction and discovered the strength to take on the known. In my world, the known is more terrifying than the unknown can ever be. I can use the past to look into my future and develop a good idea of what life will be like in the years to come; sleep, work, clean, watch TV, daydreams, school and repeat in no particular order. Repeat, I am stuck on repeat. School, career and work are my biggest confusion, issue and misery. Working and finding a career path I don’t loath seems impossible. Right now I am simply worker drone, paying for things with hours of my life, shuffling around my workday like a zombie. Also caught in that spiral of needing to better myself financially through education but becoming financially trapped while doing it. I have convinced myself that a great adventure will help me discover who I am and what I am supposed to do because I can’t let go of the feeling that what’s going on right now is not it.

One would think I could find direction without such a resulting to such dramatic leap. I hope that I can. Taking such an adventure is not a part of my reality. The problem, I am chained to my situation by responsibility to loved ones, responsibility and moral obligation to share in the finances, provide emotional support and generally be present for those who need me. All this would have to stop in order to take my journey of self-exploration. Of course, there are other smaller obstacles keeping me from my big adventure like fear, it all sounds good in theory but I know how life goes. It never moves in the desired direction, many would say it goes in the direction one needs not in the direction one wants. “Life” doesn’t possess a conscious awareness or cosmic control over my path in life or anyone’s for that matter. That is a very positive coping mechanism for dealing with life’s inconsistencies and pitfalls but I just don’t’ buy it. Age is another factor (I am not “young” any more). I should have been in the mood for drastic adventures years ago but I wasn’t really awake then. Motivation is yet another problem. I am the great dabbler! Finding wonderful ideas holding on tight and basking in their glory for about five minutes in its then releasing my hold letting that idea fly unfinished out into the universe while quickly grasping onto the next grand idea.

At least the runaway club isn’t a lonely one and I can take solace in knowing many others share in this fantasy. Maybe the right opportunity will surface for even the smallest adventure satisfying the need to flyaway. For now I will continue to use my over active imagination and the ability to over indulge in fantasyland as a way to take my adventure. Let’s face it fantasy is always better than reality. Life is what you make of it, so they say. What do you do when you don’t know what to make out of life yet?