There is a lot of buzz (okay maybe not a lot) going around about the civil unrest in the Ukraine. The media outlets are painting pictures using just black and white. This doesn’t surprise me at all. US media over simplify conflicts to sway the public into believing their side of the story. Like always, there are two, three sometimes four versions/sides of this story all holding some truth and validity, some sides more than others. It’s all about whose perspective one wishes to believe or fits what they want to believe. Here is my take on the situation after trying to take in many different views of the Ukraine dilemma.

Here is a quick rundown for those who may not be to up on what is happening. Like most real issues of importance, the Ukraine unrest is getting very little attention in the US. The Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych was close to signing an agreement with the European Union but chose to pull out of signing the EU agreement. Many of the Ukraine population felt that the EU agreement would have greatly help the country’s many growing problems with government corruption and often violent repression as well as aided them in joining the EU. This resulted is more protesting and rioting then had already been in process before their President pulled out of singing the agreement. There have been peaceful protests met with violence from Ukraine police and violent protests of course met with violence as well. After the president pulled out of the agreement, violent protest surged. There also seems to be a lot of political outside forces fueling the protest/oppositions against the Ukraine government.

Here I introduce the not so black and white picture US media is trying to sell to everyone. This isn’t just about unhappy Ukraine citizens, repression and a corrupt president. This is about the US, Russia and the European Union. Ukraine signing the agreement with the EU benefits the US in many ways, good reason for them to want to aid and be on the side of protesters and resistance to the government. The opposition against the current Ukraine government is getting support from the US State Department, the EU and German government. Oddly,  is was not that long ago that the US supported the Ukraine President and he had US backing. We switch sides quick don’t we? Russia for obvious reason doesn’t want to see Ukraine signing a EU agreement or becoming part of the union. Russia is resistant to joining the EU. I believe President Yanukovych was getting a ton of pressure and heat from Russia not to sign the agreement. Russia offered aid to the Ukraine in December after Yanukovych pulled out of signing the agreement. This is just the little snippet of what I am sure goes much deeper politically, economically and financially than we can imagine.

Yesterday the Ukraine Prime Minister and his entire government resigned. Russia also sat down and had a talk with the heads of the EU. Russian is holding off on giving the bail out money now that there is uncertainty of the new government that may come to office and its intentions. Honestly, I don’t trust the EU anymore than I trust the US or Russia. I think like most entities the EU hide behind a false idea of union for the better good of others, a smoke screen for more sinister and greedy issues. The euro their big brainchild isn’t doing so well and they don’t have that great of a track record in uplifting the countries that are part of their union. The EU has gotten in the habit of manipulating or bullying countries to try to get them to join if they resist, Russia being one of those countries. The EU is increasingly making trade to Europe more expensive for Russia after refusing to join the union. Russian’s pipeline still has very strong pull on Europe’s energy supply and the EU doesn’t like that.

In the end is all boils down to what everyone involved has to gain out of this. Unfortunately, the citizens of the Ukraine, no matter the outcome, will be the ones who don’t benefit directly from any resolutions and if they do it will be a long time. They are the ones suffering from the repression, violence and war games of the EU, Russia and the US for their better gain not for the Ukraine.


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