Today scientist caught a picture of a supernova as it was happening. How cool is it that humans now have this kind of technology to catch something 12 million miles away in a picture. The amount of power in a supernova is incredible. A supernova is also completely destructive to that particular solar system. In addition, a couple of weeks ago astronomers discovered a dormant a black hole in our galaxy. This is another reminder to appreciate life fully because the end of this world can come from sources outside of ourselves at any time. I know this doesn’t fascinate everyone but am a space dork. I love to watch documentaries on space. I’m not out gazing in telescopes or trying to act like I have enough brain power to do anything but watch the cool digital effect and stare in wonder at the TV. To be honest, most of what I watch blows my mind and is more than my brain can comprehend. This doesn’t make it any less fascinating to me.

Space is the great unknown. So much of what we see and hear about in books and documentaries are theory or speculation. The planets, stars, galaxies, nebulas, supernovas, black holes and black matter are mysterious and beautiful. Nebulas and black holes intrigue me the most. Nebulas are so beautiful and it seems fitting that they are the birth of planets and galaxies. Black holes are just plain creepy, at black void sucking up and destroying everything in its path. All that energy it absorbs has to go somewhere, right?

When I am stressed and need a since of peace I just go outside at night and look up into the sky. It reminds me there is so much more than my four walls, job and daily routine. In today’s busy world, people are often stuck looking only ahead or down. If more people would pause and look up into the stars, we may have a little less arrogance, destruction and selfishness in the world. People need to look up and really think about how lucky we are to be on this planet and remember how small and insignificant we are in comparison to what is displayed above us. Everyone feels something different when they actually stop to look up into the stars. It can be spiritual, peaceful, overwhelming, scary a challenge, and/or a religious experience. I simply find it humbling and peaceful. The night brings stillness and quiet as well as the stars. The vastness of space is a reminder not to take life so seriously and to slow down. There are so many thing we do not understand about space as well as our own planet and probably never will. I’ll end this blog with a poem I wrote:

Star gazer:

Vast, majestic and shrouded by daylight

Only darkness can reveals your beauty

Millions of dots sparkle in the night and a round beacon of light calls softly to the world below

Every twinkle is a glimpse into the past

Light and time shimmer in my eyes with the essence of creation and destruction

A magnificent dance wages on beyond the stillness

After sometime relinquishing it’s elegant display to fire and light.


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