Another extension for unemployment benefits is in the works. Today the senate democrats will move to vote on a three-month extension for unemployment insurance. Now this is only a vote to bring this idea into debate and create a bill. It is not shocking that an issue brought to the political table that helps those in need and the middle class lacks little support from Republicans. Only a small handful of republicans are set to vote on this issue. Unemployment insurance is an often a huge issue and a subject of debate. There is a lot a unneeded hostility towards those receiving unemployment. Like normal, people needlessly lump everyone into one generalized category. Much of the populace gets this ridiculous collective vision of people on unemployment as lazy worthless slums milking the government cash cow never looking for a job. Another ridiculous notion is that unemployment benefits actually make it harder for people to get a job. That makes no sense. I believe Rand Paul stated, “Unemployment is a disservice to the American worker.” Stating that people will not look for work if they get benefits is insulting to Americans. There is something truly wrong with that sociopathic hate monger.

 The problem goes beyond just extending benefits. Cutting benefits or expecting that a three-month extension will fix the real problem is unrealistic. There are not enough jobs to go around. I know people that are managers and work in HR. The amount of applications for one job is overwhelming. For one job, there are often 100’s of applicants. This country is urgent need of creating quality jobs. Creating jobs is the only way to fix the unemployment problem not just extending benefits. In December, 1.3 million people lost their unemployment income. Not only does this cut a sustainable amount of people’s income but it also believed this will cuts jobs. It is estimated that 240,000 jobs may be cut if benefits are not extended, another negative outcome of cutting extensions.

I realize there are people who abuse the unemployment benefits system just like those that abuse welfare but they are the minority of people. Punishing the majority who are in need of something just because of a few who abuse the system is wrong and unjust. The US job market is suffering therefore its citizens are suffering. My mother lost her full time decent wage job. It took her seven months with a bachelor’s degree to find a job. She found a part time job working in retail for fifty cents above minimum wage. Her job helps notch down that little unemployment rate number but her new job is not sufficient income. In NC the amount of pay from unemployment benefits is not sufficient income either. In all their infinite stupidity the Republican dominant government lowered the rate of unemployment too $255.00 a week max. That is $1020.00 a month before taxes. The average rent is around $500-$700 a month for a good place to live that and that price does not leave much left over. Add groceries for a family that go over well $400 a month they are close to going in the negative or already in the hole.

I do not understand the Republican’s apprehensions to extending unemployment benefits. George Bush a mainstream conservative put into place the unemployment extension that the republicans have fought so hard to do away with. Oddly enough, when Bush put this extension into play in 2007, the unemployment rate for the country was 5.5 percent. Currently the unemployment rate is 7%. It seems the current Republican regime is trying to cut cost in all the wrong places. Many Republicans believe passing extension for unemployment benefits is not fiscally responsible. Neither is allowing families and individuals to lose their cars, homes, go hungry and live in poverty. If the country can give millions away to large corporations and other countries for aid why not aid its citizens. The greedy senators and congress need to stop using the deficit as an excuse to take advantages of, under cut and exploit citizens.

Tomorrow democrats and republicans must come together and stop playing childish games in order to extend unemployment benefits for the many people who desperately need them. The Republican Party is starting to feel some pressure from the American middle and lower class majority. Pressure to start making laws and pass legislation that is in the favor of American citizens instead of in favor of government official’s bank accounts. The key is to pass the extensions without the Republicans need to attach stipulations and sad bargaining deals in order to get something they want. This will only prolong what needs to be done. Guarantee that the republicans will use this as another bargaining chip for breaking down the Affordable Care Act. Extend the benefits and actually be a productive senate. The next huge step for our government is to create good wage jobs that are trainable and available for all people. Without creating jobs, unemployment insurance will continue to be a necessity, worry and debate. For now, let us hope people get unemployment extensions soon!


2 thoughts on “Extension for Unemployment Insurance??

  1. I truly wish that large companies would keep work in this country. Instead of outsourcing to cut costs. I really believe that this would make a huge difference in creating jobs. It’s the mentality of the rich getting richer off of the poor, selfishness and greed that keep happiness from a lot of people.

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