Another year over..a New Year about to begin.

Today is the last day of 2013 and at midnight 2014 takes over. The end of the year is a time for reflection and the beginning of the year a time to reboot and start again. I have tried to stop looking at years in terms of good or bad. Life is volatile. Sometimes good things happen. Sometimes bad things happen. That is just how life goes. Measuring each year based on judgment of good and bad is an ineffective way of looking at life. For weeks now, I have seen post stating, “2013 was awful and I hope 2014 is better to me” and heard in conversation, “I hope I have more luck in 2014”. It is odd to give a year some conscious a life force that dictates how that year unfolds, as if one has no control over ones outlook. A year is simply a measure of time. Why give a manmade created time system such significant sway over one’s life? Instead of measuring years in terms of good or bad look at it as a gift. Be thankful for every year good or bad for the lessons learned and the experience gained. No person can grow without struggle. Living even a year deemed bad is a privilege many people don’t have because they are no longer on this earth to live it. Good or bad day, everyday of life is a gift.

Time and date is a human invention. Obviously, a useful one but it seems so pointless to place contempt on a year that has passed on then high hopes into another coming year. Do we let the bad things that happen define a year? For many people it is hard to look past bad/negative events that have happened simply because they are conditioned to believe everything in life must be happy, desirable, benefit them somehow and cater to how they want things to be. It just doesn’t work that way and I’m not sure if this kind of thinking is arrogance, ego, selfishness or a little of each. I don’t know how this type of thinking got ingrained into the masses. Such a belief system makes it hard for people to adjust and accept when bad/negative things happen. Do most individuals in today’s society even possess coping skills to deal the negative events outside of eating, shopping and escaping into whatever medium one chooses be it video games or drugs? I hear people say too often, “this isn’t supposed to happen to me”, “why do bad things only happened to me”, “why is life so hard” and “life isn’t fair”. There is a lot of entitlement in such statements. Americans are consumed with entitlement in today’s society especially the new generations. No one is entitled to anything. There probably should be some basic rights of entitlement like food, water, clothing and shelter but we are not guaranteed those things either. Why would one feel they are entitled to have everything be good all the time and always go their way? Entitlement isn’t a plausible notion.

For all the good things that happened cherish them and for all the bad things that happened cherish them also for the lessons learned are priceless. Only through conflict, loss and struggles can we gain insight, knowledge and grow. Be grateful for that so-called “bad” year. Be grateful that you made it through and are still on earth to face another year. My hope is that everyone find balance in this new year by excepting the good with the bad, be grateful for every moment, never visiting to long with negative emotions and carry on no matter what happens with your head held high (hopefully a smile too). Happiness in 2014 and the years to come is a choice not an event, an item or place outside of oneself that can be found.

Happy New Year everyone!!


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