Work harder but make less. Be thankful.

Working hard pays off and only by working hard, can people achieve their goals and flourish within society. Everyone has heard this slogan. There is as much truth to this saying, as there is lie. It is all very situational and depends on so many different variables as to how hard work will pay off. Rearing, socioeconomic status, education, mental capacity, a long multitude of life events that shape and mold us as well as ones health all play key factors in how hard work pays off. Life tends to happened and reality sometimes crushes the idea that hard work pays off.  For many, hard work does pay off. One must remember chance and/or luck is also key factor. Of course not everyone works hard and they to suffer. In today’s society, there is a generation of people growing up thinking that things should be handed to them. That to earn a paycheck means to be paid to do very little, nothing or whatever they want. Thankfully, there are many who still know the meaning to earn a paycheck.  I feel that there is a bigger problem and in today’s society. Working hard and reaping the benefits through monetary or personal achievements is not necessary attainable and truth in this economy. Often today working hard will not result in bettering yourself but result in making make someone else very rich while struggling to make ends meet on a 60-hour workweek. This is today’s reality of working hard. That is very discouraging and degrading.

Often people say, “I can’t believe I work this hard to be this poor”.  In the US, the idea of poverty compared to other countries is skewed but we must look at the demands of our own society. It is much more expensive to live in the US then “third world countries” so comparison is not fair. There is a cultural idea of what it means to be successful. Despite the delusion that many try to live under there are very few truly successful people today. Today people really just make ends meet because inflation and greed have made success hard to achieve. Earlier this year I read an article by the Huffington Post that stated minimum wage would need to be $22 an hour in order to keep up with the financial demands of the current economy. A wage of $8.50 an hour is more than many people in other parts of the world make but if you compare this wage to the cost of a single gallon of milk at $4.00 that is not a good wage. That would mean that a person would have to work a thirty minutes just to buy a gallon of milk. If someone wants to add a decent loaf of bread (not one filled with 45 ingredients of toxic crap) that another $4. That means in one hour a person has earned enough to by a loaf of bread and some milk. That is completely out of balance. Rent is also out of balance right now costing the average person more than 30 percent of their income.

Working from dusk until dawn laboring hard in order to provide has been the way of life for a very long time. The notion of a 60-hour workweek is not a bad thing if the hours worked produced balanced results. The hard work should profit those performing the hard work and their family not only a CEO and investors making millions a year. The current reality is that hard work and laboring profit someone else leaving the worker and their family struggling. Too many people today work hard only to live at a wage that puts them into debt in order to keep up with the economy while someone else profits massively off their hard work. Enduring long hours, low pay, and an insanely expensive economy is hard. I believe the general population will slowly shake off the sleepy haze that consumes them, open their eyes, look around and wake up to face the reality of the work force. Not only wake up but also take action, make demands and derail these greedy tactics.


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