Why didn’t I take the blue pill….

What I was taught to be true and what I thought was truth is only a lie. It is odd to be awake to the stark reality around me. I’m not sure how to describe it. This sensation isn’t fear, anger or sadness it is frustration. Frustration occurs from knowing that only fragments of a half-truth can be pieced together from what media feeds their viewers and knowing that society is constantly feed these lies to keep complacent and quiet so that corporate greed’s ambition for profit can sore to monumental heights. The biggest smack in the face comes from the fact that all this corruption, deceit and greed is only allowed to exist because everyone else allows it.

I have lost faith in not only what I see and hear from popular idea and my government but faith in most people. People from every facet of life be it a friend or a family member only posses situational morals and courage to stand as long as it is convenient. Rarely do I hear reasons why someone can take a stand, make a change and help others. Most often it is excuses that I hear from people why they have to bow their head, ignore what is happening and just take it.

Society is so easily led. It’s like a great big bug zapper luring everyone in with its pretty lights. The humming sound of the zapper singing to people sweet songs of false hope, shopping, spending, money, debt, wanting, longing and materialism in all forms. The pulsing light from the bug zapper sending light waves of negative ideas of division, intolerance, hate, envy, jealousy and fear as it draws people in for the kill. Don’t try to come between the zapper and its victims. People hold on so tight to their ideas there is no rationalizing because people believe what is convenient for them. Even if you do make it through to a few people they won’t do anything. This is where justification rises up and takes hold. I have very little hope in people to do what is right. Yes you see those few people who make your day by doing something incredible and touch you even if it is a simple act or gesture or something big. The problem is these people are vastly outnumbered by well everyone else who can’t see past themselves to do for others.

I’m not sure what really lead me to my ah ha moment. Probably several years of looking up things, watching documentaries on unpopular ideas and “conspiracies” and just rational thinking. To me it all makes perfect sense. There are several major industries that control pretty much everything in some for or another. Oil, pharmaceutical, banking and insurance companies currently run the United States and without a doubt other countries as well. Most of these major corporations own mainstream media outlets and have most politicians in their tight grasp. These companies aren’t going to let networks or reporters deliver news that is bad for their image. They also aren’t going to let government officials make decisions or pass laws that are bad for their business. This filter and control of information isn’t just on TV it is in magazines and yes the Internet. It’s still amazing how disillusioned people are to this fact. The Internet is no longer an unbiased unfiltered source of information. Greedy corporations and the government have taken control of that as well. Just look up an unpopular idea, something that may question what mainstream feeds you…won’t find much on it.

My biggest question is, now what? Enjoy the ride since I am stuck on it? Awaken but not any better off. Does any of it really matter in the end? I also realize I am part of the problem. I am a good little consumer and at one point bought and sold on the fallacy of the “American Dream”. Now I know better and will do the best I can. All anyone can do I suppose. Honestly I think all this is human nature. History teaches time and time against it is power, greed and control that always prevails. Greed and power always grows to big and collapses in on all its grandeur only to start over again. I guess I can take solace in that. Eventually it will all start over again and there will be a short time where balance has power and people cherish the simple and small things.

“Got to keep the grazing grass green so the sheep don’t look up”


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