Because of “this”…you do not deserve “that”.

I have always found this to be an odd justification for allowing or not allowing another group of people to achieve something. This vague analogy can be applied to almost any topic in today’s new. Most recent topic that fits this scenario is that of fast food workers demanding higher wages. I see people on blogs and social media sites comparing personal situations of low wage to that of the demand for higher wages from fast food workers. For example, I have seen numerous people compare wages to those in the armed services, environmental services such as housekeeping or certified nurse’s assistants to fast food workers. First off, comparison is never a good thing. So many variables make the jobs different it is not fair to make comparison. However, comparison always happens. Comparisons in this situation is always followed by “they don’t deserve a higher wages because we/I don’t make that much” then people usually add a dash of “my job is more important in some way or I work harder but don’t make much so they don’t deserve this”.  See I take a different message from all these. The message that all jobs that play low wages should be raised into a more sustainable wage. Be it CNA’s, armed forces, custodial services and much more. Instead of demeaning a group of peoples protest because it means they will make more than you and you do not feel they deserve it, join in the fight. Make that leap into changing your own field’s wage as well.

There is another argument people like to slip in on this debate. The notion that because someone didn’t pay a fortune for a college degree or have a “skill” (another catch phrase I see when justifying low wages) means that they shouldn’t earn a wage that keeps up with the cost demands of housing, food, clothes, basic health care and so forth is ridiculous. Envy and ego are key players in this ridiculous notion. Being envious and letting self-esteem control ideas and choice leads to judgment and ridicule. Instead, be excited, encouraging and even helpful. Big business is counting on Americans to judge, blame, envy and discourages each other from standing up for what it right. My hope for Americans (all humans really) is that instead of judgment humans can encourage others by lifting them up and putting envy aside.  The only problem is that I am not confident the majority of people possess the ability or means to understand and then actually apply this notion to every day life.


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